The work of the TARUF Association is based on the rich experience of Shaykh Abdullah Anas in the field of Jihad, Islamic scholarship and activism in Da’wa. Dubbed the foremost authority on Shaykh Abdullah ‘Azzam as well as his extensive links with other Jihadi leaders including the Taliban, Osama bin Ladin, Hamas and FIS, TARUF Association aims:

  1. To present a balanced understanding and promulgation of Jihad in the context of the Just War Theory.
  2. To dispel the wrong notions and interpretations of Jihad (as has become common place by extremists and so called Jihadists), both from the theological and practical perspectives.
  3. To clarify the role of Jihad in contemporary society, including its role in the West.
  4. To help Muslims better understand the true nature and application of Jihad, and where possible seek to reconcile between rival factions.
  5. To contribute towards conflict resolution, furthering the building of peace and reconciliation.
  6. To become a centre for resource and guidance on issues relating to Jihad and related issues.